Venture Capital Funds (IFD-FC&QC-FCR-01/16)

IFD – Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento, S.A. hereby informs the market that, after analysing the applicant’s responses to the Prior Hearing period, the Jury of the Public Procurement Procedure (IFD-FC&QC-FCR-01/16) has published today, in VortalGov, the report with the ranked list of applicants accepted to the procedure and the respective proposal for attributing co-financing funds.
The report is only available to the procedure’s applicants. However, given the relevance of this issue, IFD considers it important to provide the following information:

• The total demand of funds by the applicants to the various Operational Programmes was of about € 196 million, that is, about twice the available amount of € 98 297 044.01;

• With the available endowment, and given the private co-investment, a total of about € 220 million will be made available to the economy;

• 26 Managing companies of Venture Capital Funds (VCF) have applied to this procedure, one of which was excluded from the ranked list;

• Of the 25 admitted applicants: 24 are Portuguese and 1 is foreign; 10 are new operators in the Portuguese market; 7 are entities connected to corporate groups;

• The areas of business of the proposed VCF include, among others: ICT (p.e. Fintech, Internet of Things, Web/Mobile), industry 4.0, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Cleantech and Energy Efficiency, Industry (p.e. Textiles, Chemistry, Metalwork) and Production Technologies, New Materials, Robotics and Electronics, Circular Economy and Creative Industries.

Porto, 13th of February, 2017

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