Business Angels Certification (IAPMEI)

The Business Angels (BA) must request from IAPMEI their certification for the Call IFD-FC&QC-BA-02/17.

To formalise the certification process, consult the regulation and download the form and commitment statement that should be filed in (by a BA) and sent to IAPMEI through the email

The Business Angels will then receive an email from IAPMEI with the reply to the certification.

Within the analysis of the application of the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), IFD will validate with IAPMEI the certification of the BA that participate in each SPV.

Relevant documents provided by IAPMEI:
•  Regulation of Individual Business Angel Certification
•  Business Angels Certification Form
•  Commission Statement by the Business Angels

Within this Call, Business Angels are considered certified if they were certified within the Call No. IFD-FC&QC-BA-01/16 (Phase 1), so that they are excused from a new certification process.

The list of Business Angels certified in Phase 1 (2016) is available here.

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